Gift Certificates

Available for one or two night stay (weekend or mid-week)
We can provide you a Gift Certificate for a one or two night stay (weekend or mid-week), a special package or a fixed amount ($100, $200 up to $500). You can order the $200, $300, $400 and $500 gift certificates at our WEB site or any type of GC by calling our inn with your credit or debit card. We can mail you the Gift Certificate along with the St. Michaels Visitor Guide so you can present it to the recipient, or we can mail it directly to the individual.
The Gift Certificates normally are "open" where the guest calls to reserve a room, or you can reserve the room for specific dates for a birthday, honeymoon or anniversary. The Gift Certificates are normally good for one year (at the rates agreed to for a stay or Special Package), and they can be extended upon request with any appropriate rate/tax adjustment.

Just call the inn on (410) 745-8381 to complete the gift certificate including the "To:" and "From:" sections.
Thank you!